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“The high quality of these products are very impressive. I have so far used the g’daddy purp tinctures, several of the vape cartridges and the flower. I have to say compared to other CBD products out there this is one of the best I’ve ever used. I have severe arthritis and anxiety I have to manage through out the day. The tinctures really help with inflammation and calming especially in the evening. I use the vape pen through out the day when I have important calls or presentations, it really just drops my anxiety down, and allows me to perform at my best. Can not recommend American Indican enough, you just have to try it!”

-Rebecca S.

“I use the G’Daddy Purps 250mg and it helps me sleep peacefully at night.”


They (DOG Soft Chews) have worked WONDERS for my little anxious chihuahua. In addition, the tinctures have helped SO much with my anxiety.


“I use the CBD hand rolled chill stix flower and I have to say I was surprised at it. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was not expecting the experience that I did have. The flavor is strong and very close to what you would think it should be. The effect was very calming and soothing and I was able to sleep the whole night through with no restlessness. Call me a convert, will be buying more.”

-Rebecca S.

“I use the G’daddy purps, for insomnia!! It is amazing! I’m in Lagrange, Georgia and I buy it from our local herbshop!! They are wonderful and so knowledgeable with their products!! Thank you for all that you do for helpingpeople like me, who suffer from sleep issues, depression, and anxiety!! Thanks so much!”


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