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For the ultimate in smoking convenience and experience, look no further than our two potencies of farm-fresh, CBD pre-rolls – Chill Stix and Fire Stix! To achieve the personal outcomes provided by combusting CBD-rich hemp flower conveniently, we trust only the finest hemp cones packed with our most robust, farm-fresh, CBD hemp flower. We have spent countless hours, made numerous farm trips traveling the country, and continuously utilize resources to ensure that our flower supply is the dankest! Both qualities of our pre-rolls are powered by seasonal, hand-selected, CBD hemp flower. Chill Stix CBD flower potency levels range from no less than 16% up to 19.x% which provide 90mg CBD or more per stick. For a more potent version of our Chill Stix, our Fire Stix are what’s up. These pre-rolls are powered by the dankest CBD hemp flower strains containing nothing less than 20% CBD potency and provide no less than 105mg CBD in every stick!

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